Homemade Ice Cream Cooking

You have a good chance to improve or even to develop new abilities when it comes to play this cooking game because you are assigned to prepare a delicious dessert using interesting combinations and ingredients. All you have to do is to bring with you some initiative and you will see how easy you can make something special and unique. As a professional chef that prepares tasty ice cream for customers you will find that even if you are not familiar with some of the flavor you should give them a shot in order to create a new brand taste and why not a mouth-watering ice cream. There are two stages you need to go through so you could present your final work.The first one is represented by the cooking phase that will show you the right steps so you could complete each given tasks. You will find this stage challenging and when the cream is prepared to be put in the frozen device you can move to the decoration step where you are not only creating some design for ice creams you will also improve your creativity and why not learn some tricks that you could use even in real life. Play with colors and make it all as good looking as it taste. Keep playing this cooking game until you become the best ice cream maker in the area. Have fun!You really have to check out these cool features this game provides for you:- Entertaining music on the background- Nice interface and graphics- Learning how an ice cream is made- Gaining cooking skills- Decorating using your own style- Delicious accessories to add on- Play with flavors and choose tasty designs- Understanding the culinary secrets and discover the most wanted ice creams- Free to play- Easy control of the game
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up