WhatStats - chat analyse & visualise and evaluate

How does it works?:Whatsapp has a feature to export chats. This app links to this place by dissecting, analyzing and finally graphically processing the exported chat file.Why this app?:This app let you analyze, study and compare your chat histories. Thus, you get exciting insights into your chat behavior.What happens with the analysed messages?:Immediately after the analysis, the exported messages are deleted. Only the analysis results remain on the device to be able to look at them in retrospect. So there is no possibility that data will be lost.WhatStats gives you visualised answers about:usagecounter of 450+ different emojisday-of-week activitytop words (most written words)texting duration (days total)messages sentwords writtenletters writtenmedias sentemojis sentmessages per dayletters per messagewords per messagemedias per dayletters per dayis the activity increasing or decreasing?~Media analysation (only on Android 8+)~Following WhatsApp media analysation are possible:gif quantityimage quantityvideo quantitysticker quantityvoice speech quantity / durationsaudio quantityAnything that exceeds 18mb of mediadata can only be estimated by a data matching algorithm, which is why this data is not 100% accurate.What type of charts are used?BarchartLinechartRadarchartPiechartListsPricing:The app is currently free.I am a private developer who spurs on the project in my free time.If you want to modify the charts, you have to purchase a in-app upgrade.Modifications (Pro):- choose between barchart and piechart for visualisation- choose the timespan to analyse (feature)Disclaimer:This app is not a product of Whatsapp Inc.The app was developed due to self-interest in the analysis and fun programming and is hereby made available to the public.Feel free to send feedback to improve the app.
License Free
Version 4.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android