My Twin Unicorn Baby Care Pet House

Make a baby unicorns life better by babysitting him and playing with him at unicorn twin baby pet house. You can feed, bathe, and dress up your baby pet unicorn and have fun doing it! This animal daycare nursery will make you adore the little animals and you can even choose your own favorite little pony pet. The twin baby will babysit the baby unicorn in the animal daycare nursery. You will have fun adoring and playing with the little ponies in the pet house, that it will become your favorite unicorn game. Baby unicorn will make you feel bad for him that you will try to take the best care of him in the pet house nursery!Virtual pony pet will make you fall in love with him as soon as you start playing the game. All the cute little ponies in the pet house will make you immediately love them that it would become really hard for you to stay away from them. Try your best to become the best pony nanny ever and try not to make these adorable twin babies cry!You can choose any level you want to choose:Dress upDress your twin baby unicorn and choose any look you want to! You can select baby unicorns hair, sun glasses, clothes and dress him up out of many options.Room DecorationMake you twin baby unicorns pet house funky by choosing any wallpaper. You can select any wallpaper out of different options and you can even choose the best furniture for your twin baby unicorns nursery.Lunch TimeIts lunch time! Feed your baby because he is hungry. Make sure you feed him healthy vegetables to make your twin baby all happy and healthy!Doctor CareAw! Is your baby unicorn hurt? Well, dont worry! You can become a doctor and heal your little unicorn baby at the pet house!Bath TimeIts time to take a bath! Clean up your dirty unicorn baby and have fun bathing him. Give him a bubble bath to make it fun for twin baby too!Features- Gold coins to reward you for your efforts of taking care of the virtual unicorn baby.- Choose any level out of five different levels and play with the little unicorn baby.- Cute and high quality graphics and sound effects.- Babysit the baby unicorn and have fun playing with him!- Decorate the little ponys room.- Play doctor and check up on the little pony!- Take care of twin baby unicorn and have fun in the best animal daycare nursery!Feed the virtual pony yummy foods.- Have fun in the best animal daycare nursery ever!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up