Dinosaurs World

There are many different dinosaurs in the dinosaur world.can give you a more detailed understanding of dinosaurs. You can see their walking posture, their lifelike living environment and the fantastic dubbing music, and you can also control the roar of dinosaurs and see their movements as well as hear the sound of every dinosaur. You can also see the height and proportion of all the dinosaurs in the app, and you can also see the brief introduction of all the dinosaurs,So that you can know them at a glance. lifelike dinosaurs. Know many dinosaurs. The children loved Dinosaur World. We hope that the Dinosaur World will bring you pleasure. Good luck. Welcome to the world.Jurassic World .Cretaceous World.Completely FreeTyrannosaurusTarbosaurusMosasaurusTriceratopsSpinosaurusVelociraptorBrachiosaurusDiplodocusAnkylosaurusCarnotaurusCeratosaurusCoelophysisDilophosaurusGigantoraptorKentrosaurusMajungasaurusMonolophosaurusPachycephalosaurParasaurolophusPlesiosaurusPteranodonSaurolophusSuchomimusApatosaurus
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License Free
Version 2.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up