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Fireplace Romantic Fire Screen HD brings together a variety of different fireplace views to choose according to your mood and setting. With the HD audio you will feel like you are actually sitting next to a fireplace and enjoying your time.Fire place is a source of peacefulness and calmness. It provides relief from the stress and hardships which have been faced by a person every day. A person suffering from insomnia gets the peace of mind and comfort when he sits in front of the fireplace and relaxes a bit. The fire sound creates a soothing environment and helps the person in meditation and achieving the peace of mind.Aim of Fireplace: Romantic Fire ScreenThe Fireplace: Romantic Fire Screen is an android application which tends to help people with meditation and gaining mental peace. It provides a fireplace experience to the user on their cellphone so they can enjoy fire sound effects and watch fireplace background which helps them feel the fireplace in real life.Fireplace romantic helps people forget their problems and meditate with its relaxing sounds. It also provides soothing sounds for sleep, the crackling fireplace and the fire sound makes the person feel their inner selves relaxes their mind.Benefits of Fireplace: Romantic Fire Screen.Fireplace Romantic provides music and screen savers which are helpful with meditation and the achieving the peace of mind. It is also an app that helps you with sleep by providing relaxing music for sleeping and the fireplace screen savers to help people by making them feel like they are sitting in front of a fireplace just by looking at the HD fireplaces.The app provides different types of sounds and sound effects which can be chosen as per the mood of the user. Some of the sounds which are to be mentioned here are the sleeping sounds, fireplace crackling sound, relaxing fireplace sounds. Sound effects create an essence to the sounds which helps the user feel the real fireplace environment. Some sound effects which are to be mentioned are fire crackling sound effect, fireplace sound effects.- Fire near River- Burning wood Ash- Backyard Fireplace- Wooding burning stoves- Stacked stone Fire- Fire in snow- Fire near beach- Fire in Desert- Waves near jungle- Wind- Wolf sound in night- Peepers- Wind with leaves- Desert Wind, SnowFireplace Romantic Fire Screen HD helps you achieve the states of deep meditation, calmness and increase your concentration and focus. The Beautiful Fireplace Romantic Fire Screen HD backgrounds when blended with serene and peaceful sounds, it creates an ambiance for you to escape from that stress of the day and bring you to the realm of eternal bliss.You can adjust the volume of Fire sounds and music individually to reach a state of complete relaxation of the mind.With the help of Fireplace Romantic Fire Screen HD relax your mind, remove your stress and find your inner peace. Go into your oasis of calm.Main Features- Authentic high quality Fire sounds for relaxation and meditation.- Variety of relaxing natural sounds to create a perfect natural ambiance with fire sounds according to your needs.- Predefined soothing music to help you sleep or relax.- Convenient Timer option, so you can drift off to sleep without the sounds playing all night long.- Beautiful Romantic Fire wallpapers.- Can be used in background for multitasking purpose.- Fire Sounds Pause on incoming call.- No Streaming is required for playback of Fire sounds.- Do not disturb mode mute all notifications when sleep timer active.Benefit for SleepHave you trouble falling asleep? this app help you to sleep by relaxing your mind with natural Fire sounds along with music and waves sounds.Say goodbye to your insomnia and enhance your life.The app also provides best fireplace video HD feature to the user, the fireplace HD sounds helps in making the experience as real as it gets for the user.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up