Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator

This is a Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator for enjoyment not fact. The Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator is a Fun App which makes idiot and fool your friend to show how they looks after scanning their body. Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator let other think you to get someone picture put the camera in front of your friends and you can make fun with your Friends that their body is going to scan and show all under cover thing onto screen its not really happens but just shows fake result for entertainment.The unique feather of Body Scanner(Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator is that it open camera and scan your body just like real simulator but it just scan fake and wonder the man who is being scanned, because it gives nearly realistic scan and vibrate during scanning, After 5 seconds of scanning and vibrating it automatically change the activity and displays the fake X-ray result of the Body who is scanned. More fun with this camera scanner is that a friend can troll friend for scanning their body and show them the x-ray fake result. if entertainment is not yet done with your friends then this is the opportunity to get it with this Body Scanner(Prank) Real X-ray simulator because this is a full body scanner app with hot and sexy results. It shows fake hot and sexy results for scanning cute girls bodies. You can scan Hot girls Scanning bodies of friends and Girls Sexy Scanning of Girls bodies and other sexy body parts.Method To Use.>Start App with Button StartSelect GenderPress Scan ButtonEnjoy The Result
License Free
Version 2.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up