Virtual Lighter SimulatorReal classic metal cigarette lighter on your phone screen - click with your finger to open the ignition and fire! Shake your phone or swipe the cover until it clicks lighters!Virtual lighter can make your phone to simulate the action of metal cigarette lighter.Virtual Lighter Simulation you will get the phone lighter to play.It is a realistic simulation of a lighter made from a high quality steel and wood. Tell your friends that you can light up with your own and unique lighter for cigarettes.Download Virtual Lighter app, click on your favorite lighter and flame appears! To draw another pretend that burned or accidentally set fire to a piece of paper. Let him think that your smart phone a real lighter! For realism we added the sound of the fire ignited. To extinguish the fire, close the lid or press the ignition mechanism.The spark will appear under the flint. It will light the wick. If you don't manage to make the fire for the first time, don't worry. Try again.Finally the lighter will be started.The flame will react on the movement of your phone. Try to tilt the phone and observe how the flame follows the movement of the phone. If you want to stop the fire, close the top cap with your finger or shake the phone. You can also blow towards the fire to put out the flame.WARNING:Virtual Lighter Simulator - only a joke and not really a real lighter. Using this simulator nothing can ignite or burn. The application is safe for health and the people around them. The app is designed for games, jokes and fun.Dont forget to rate us and leave your best comment regarding this Virtual Lighter Simulator app.Mail us if you have any query or suggestion.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 3.0 and up