Drake's Initiative Tracker - Paid

[If upgrading from Free Version, ensure that you export your saved lists. They are able to be imported into this version]This a phone application to help the GM, easily track the initiative of any encounter that requires the players act in turns. This app was designed for the Pathfinder system (1st Edition), however this app will easily work for any system that uses a simple "highest number first" initiative system.This tracker was developed with the Pathfinder Societies environment in mind (not always having the same people/characters at the table), as such adding characters to the list, is quick and easy and this is solely an initiative tracker, so there is no need to fill out all of a character's attributes (Which also makes it easily usable with other systems).Features:Auto-roll:Each character added to the initiative list, can be set to have their initiative automatically rolled for them (Can change what dice is used on the settings page). The status of an auto-rolled character, can be changed by editing the characterRoll-offs:When two or more character have the same initiative and modifiers (At Start of Encounter), a prompt will appear and show all of the characters in question. You will then be able to manually set their order and the app will keep these results for the rest of the encounter/combat.Timers:In the instances where there's a need to keep track of how many rounds have passed, a timer can be created in this tracker. The timers can be set to progress at different points; they can either count at the end of a round or after the turn of a specific character. They can also be set to repeat a specific/indefinite number of times. A notification will appear when a timer has been completed or if it has repeated. You can access the Timer GUI, by clicking on the round counter.Save/Load:Each initiative list can be saved, to then be loaded at a later date. It can be given a name and will also store the date; so there shouldn't be any confusion, as to which list is which. The only limit to the number of saves, is the available storage space.Delay:If a player wishes to delay their turn, then click the delay button, on their character's turn. Pulling them out of this delay is even easier, as you can click on their character at any time and pull them out of delay. This app will then work out what their initiative needs to be, for their new spot in the turn order. Also if it comes back around to their original turn, a prompt will appear and ask if they wish to continue being in delay.Usage Information:Starting a New Encounter/Combat:It is required that at least two characters are in the initiative list before a new encounter/combat can be started. It is also preferable that you set the new initiative of all manually rolled characters prior to pressing the New Combat button.Edit Menu:Each Character's edit menu, is accessed by clicking on their entry in the initiative list. This will bring up a prompt allowing you to edit or delete the character. It's also where you can bring a character out of delay or re-roll an auto-rolled character. When editing, leave the fields you don't want to change, blank.Setting the Initiative of a Character:Once a character has been added to the initiative list (excluding auto-rolled characters), you can set their initiative by clicking on the number on the far left of the character's entry.Notable Buttons:Delay Takes the character whose turn is currently active and puts them into delay.New Combat Starts a new Encounter/Combat. This deletes all timers, resets roll-off results, resets the round counter and re-rolls the initiative of auto-rolled characters.Sort This sorts the current initiative list, without resetting anything behind the scenes.The settings page can be access by clicking the title at the top of the screen. The settings page also has an import & export button, to import/export saved lists and settings.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.1 and up