numbers check|Check lottery

numbers check is an app to do the number and the number of management and the purchase of Numbers3 Numbers4, winning confirmation. Sun announced the next day to confirm winning the lottery lottery Numbers, and checks whether or not elected. The primary function of the numbers check Management and purchase of lottery numbers.Management and purchase the number of times, announcements of the remaining number.Setting time winning confirmation to let you know.Setting and make sure to let you know when illumination of winning.Notice of confirmation and prize-winning amount.Setting of vibration when elected.Quick Pick function can be registered numbers, and numbers like hate. OS supportOver Android 1.6. opinions, requestscomments or requests for improvement of the numbers check thank you to the comments section of Google Play. Notice of winning confirmation, from the lottery will be effective after the date of registration. Because of the application to help manage and check winning numbers, but do not guarantee the amount of winning and winning. Please refer to the official site of the lottery. You can also use in a tablet.Keyword: lottery, Numbers4, Numbers3, winning numbers, prize information, winner confirmation, prediction, forecast, sales floor, smartphone apps
Operating System Android