Rap Music Radio Full - The Urban Live Radio

Lovers of rap and hip hop music, this is an app entirely designed for you!"Rap Music Radio Full" is an application designed to group and collect together the most popular and most important radio stations for rap, hip hop and urban music. With a strong focus towards audio quality, we collected not only the top stations in this music but also the top quality streams!We provide you with a stylish application interface and all you need to do is select a station and tap Play. The app streams the music from online, not through conventional radio - this means you get great audio quality, you get always good reception and never any static. What else is there to ask for?*Features** Compact size, suitable for all devices* Stylish and easy to use* More than 30 radio stations for hip hop and rap* Media information display* Free to use forever, without any hidden charges!
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up