Bead patterns - full of awesome patterns for your creativity. Make great, fun and colourful bead patterns. Patterns of animals, princesses and mermaids.Mask the pattern to make one row at a time.Touch the pattern to magnify.The patterns are 15 x 15 cm (30 x 30 rows of beads) equal to 900 beads.Video showing the making of the Panda.Patterns included in the app:-Dinosaur. Green, beige, pink and black beads.-Panda. White, black and pink beads.-Cat. White, gray, black and pink beads.-Dog. Dark brown, light brown, red, white, pink and black beads.-Dolphin. White and light blue beads.-Elephant. Black, gray, white and pink beads.-Mouse. Black, gray, white and pink beads.-Teddy bear. Dark brown, light brown, white and black beads.-Owl. Dark brown, light brown, beige, orange, white and black beads.-Princess. Yellow, orange, pink, pink, pink, violet and black beads.-Squirrel. Dark brown, light brown, black and white beads.-Mermaid. Orange, pink, pink, light blue, green, white and black beads.-Puppy. Black, light blue, white, purple beads."Your site" is a feature where you can save pictures of your creations.Once the your pattern is created and every bead is beside another the design is then fused together using bakery release paper and an iron.
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.