English Name and Meanings

English is spoken by over a billion people, which makes it the lingua franca of the world! The language of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth brings in the naming tradition of royal ancestry and universal magnificence!Having problem naming your children? Seeking for your Name origins? Or just simply wanting to give your new born baby with uncommon names? Yo're Right to Choose this apps, English Name Meanings Complete works as a name generator and can give you some informations around names. You can found some trivia about name meanings, origins, etc. Mix some named or simply choose one from our app to create a cool baby names.How to Use1. You must input your name2. then you will give result name definition/ meaning from boys or girls name list3. You can Bookmark it to Bookmark page as favoriteFeaturesBookmarkShareCopyPlease Share if you feel this apps helpful to you!
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System RequirementsRequires Android 3.2 and up