Have you ever wondered if there is a personal psychic medium for you, near you, and always within reach? Psychic mediums can reach out to the spirit world to seek the answers YOU have been seeking. Live readings mean you are right there with them, reaching out to have real, meaningful conversations about the questions you need help answering.Which Medium is Right For You?With our app you can try any of our spirit mediums for free -- just choose the one whose profile resonates with you, and youll have 3 minutes to try them out ABSOLUTELY FREE. Try as many psychic mediums as you wish until you find a true and meaningful connection with the psychic medium who understands YOU and will help you bridge the gap between you and the spirit world.Connect with loved ones who have passedReach across the veil to seek adviceReconnect with the ones you missSeek closure about unresolved issuesOur psychic mediums can also help you find a spirit guide who will protect and escort you through life, helping you answer questions about Love, Career & Important Life DecisionsChat Your Way to TruthDo you sometimes feel more comfortable and open on chat than you do on the phone or IRL? Our app is perfect for you! You can communicate comfortably, no matter where you are or what else youre doing. Additionally, because our chat transcripts are always saved, you can look back over your conversation and reflect on it hours, days, or even weeks later! That way you can see if your mediums advice came true, or look at things from a fresh point of view.Later, when youre ready to start the conversation again, just click on the chat and pick up with your medium right where you left off.Searching for the Best FitWe organize our psychic mediums by rank (based on positive customer reviews), by price (highest to lowest), and by whether theyre new to our psychic medium community. That way you can find the right psychic medium for you, no matter what you can afford or no matter how important your spiritual question.Psychic Mediums from Around the WorldNo matter where you are in the world -- or no matter where in the world you feel most connected to -- we have psychic mediums in that country, from that country, or practicing a tradition connected to that country.What is a Psychic Medium Reading?A psychic medium reading is a bridge between the human and the spiritual reality. It connects physical hearts with those that are still with us, but no longer in the physical world. It reunites you with departed loved ones by being the voice of their silent messages. It is also a means to find a new guide in the form of your spirit guide. These are the luminous beings who are with us from before birth and throughout life to guide us. They are always with us, and a psychic medium can help us hear their voices.There are two types of psychic medium readings.Mental Mediumship: The psychic medium uses senses that are beyond the range of our five senses. These are called: clairaudience (spiritual vision), clairvoyance (spiritual hearing), clairsentience (spiritual feeling) and clairempathy (deep empathy). Using these clair-senses, the psychic medium receives messages from your loved one and conveys them to you. These are generally deeply personal messages such as words unsaid in life, messages of gratitude and love, regrets, or sometimes even advice.Channeling: The psychic medium allows a spiritual individual enter his aura and then body. It is a friendly takeover. The incoming spirit is known, such as your departed relative, friend or lover, and generally has a strong reason to want to connect with you during your reading. The psychic medium may also channel your spirit guides - teachers in spirit who are assigned to us before birth, to guide us in life and who are with us at all times.
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