Wonders of Ozby the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA Lab)Ball State Universityhttp://idialab.orgWonders of Oz is an augmented reality application that provides users an enhanced 3D experience with the film, The Wizard of Oz. This demo app can be triggered during film (or anywhere, anytime)to deliver animated content and sound to augment the screening and share events with a live audience. Flying monkeys, the witch on her burning broom, lollipops, the hot air balloon, Dorothy's falling house, cows, chickens, rowboats, bicycles, rainbows and the wizard all appear with the press of a button! Users can use their devices to discover and track the virtual performers as they appear around them during the film.The original version contained more 3D content and was designed to work on a timer so the audience can share in the digital performers appearing on cue! This app can be adapted for any event, live theater, film concerts, art and cultural heritage events, etc.Please contact IDIA Lab: idialab@bsu.edu for more informationNote: This application requires the use of a gyroscope.
Operating System Android