Funny Talking Monkey is an extremely interesting and fun app packed awesome features and fun games - Funny talking monkey with fun games. The only funny talking monkey pet you can talk to & play games with for fun and entertainment.Install the best funny talking monkey ever - The Talking, Singing and Dancing monkey. He's an adorable friend who listens & chats with you by talking through speech recognition.As a real talking monkey, you can ask him any question and he will answer you. He's an adorable intelligent friend who listens to whatever you say and talks back to you. You can chat with him, play soccer with him, sing with him, dance with him, feed him, care for him and so many more.Some features of Funny talking monkey- Talk and chat with Funny talking monkey in the real world through speech recognition. He will listen to everything you say and talk back to you. He also serves as a virtual assistant to make your life easier- Tap the mic to hear Funny talking monkey sing. In his funny voice, he'll sing many songs like shape of you, love yourself, all of me, Hello and many more- He can dance Salsa, breakdance, top music, samba, Hip hop dances and many more. He'll impress you with his awesome dancing moves- You can play soccer with him. Just tap the football and play with him- Poke this Real talking monkey to draw a reaction like real talking parrot-Make sure to feed your talking monkey so he doesn't get hungry and sleep like real talking animalGet ready to be entertained with the best talking animal and talking pet simulator ever. Not just a funny talking monkey or talking cat, this app comes with many fantastic games. Loved interacting with Thom, Ted and miss angel? Funny talking monkey is much better than our dancing talking monkey, a parrot, dogs and any other app on the market. It's a very great entertainer especially if you are into top games. do you love talking dog? This is the top talking monkey game and animal friendly app around, more than talking boy, squirrel and any other talking app with games. You can name him Thommy or any funny name. Your friends and family and can adopt and play with him or your baby boy or baby girl. Enjoy and Don't forget to leave us a review :)
Operating System Android