History Channel Latest Documentries 2018-19

In History Documentaries, Subjects include religious beliefs , disaster scenarios , apocalyptic "after man" scenarios, doomsday, warfare, inventions, aviation, mechanical and civil engineering, technology, history vault , mythical creatures , monsters , unidentified flying objects, conspiracy theories , aliens , and superstitions.Get select your history videos in the search bar of the history app or your can also select history videos from the navigation drawer including different and most amazing history documentaries like the followingeducational documentaryancient historyMilitary historyhistorical fictionreisefuhrer parishistory videosWorld History DocumentariesPBS Nova DocumentarySargeNotes History PlaylistsBlack HistoryEpic rap battes of historyHistory Of RockRural historyUrban historyhistory peoplehistory project ideashistory quizteach historyhistory factsHistory of educationEthnic historyhistory channel documentarieshistory channel apphistory chickshistory eventsHistory of Africahistory factshistory of japanteach historyhistory of israelHistory of religionBiografie History Channel
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