TALKING COWBOY does much more than just talks. Instead of only responding to touch or simply repeating what he hears, you can do much more with this crazy 'ol cowboy: aim your weapon and battle in a duel, play the harmonica or strum the strings of your banjo, make your experience into an entertaining movie, and then show it to the world through YouTube, Facebook, or email!Discover all the possibilities of "TALKING COWBOY" and roll on the floor laughing with this crazy ol' cowboy.WHAT YOU CAN DISCOVER WITH TALKING OWBOY!* Talk to him and he'll repeat what you say.* Discover all his movements.* Have him play a real harmonica.* Hear him sing as he plays the banjo.* Test your aim and have fun shooting.* Accept his challenge to a duel.* Send a message and become the most wanted.* Record a video of him and share it with the world!Enjoy the new update! We've improved the application and increased its functionality speed! Now you can play non-stop!AND MORE...TWO HIGH-QUALITY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTSTALKING COWBOY includes two fun musical instruments typical of the Wild West!1. Enjoy your very own HARMONICA. Move your fingers across the holes of the chamber and enjoy the feeling of TALKING a real-life harmonica - complete with high-quality sound.2. And don't forget the BANJO so you can play the chords of your favorite song! Singing and having fun while TALKING an instrument has never been this fun!TWO AWESOME MINI-GAMESTALKING COWBOY also includes two awesome mini-games!1. Start a duel! Prove that you can keep your cool as you shoot just before the cowboy reaches for his gun.2. COMING SOON Aim your weapon and shoot the cans that quickly appear, but WATCH OUT... Don't hit the bombs or they'll be a goner!
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