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Features Andy Lau song app:- No need big storage- Watch cool videos.- Best audio quality- Low data for streaming- Modern & Stylish Display- Adjust the size of a floating popup to suit your needs- Use the Stream widget to get the top charts on your home screen.- Browse your favorite songs.Andy Lau Albums:- Andy Lau - Andy Lau (songs)- Andy Lau - To You (songs)- Can you? Who said no (songs)- Andy Lau - The First Album (songs)- Andy Lau - Love is not finished (songs)- Andy Lau - don't believe it... "song" (songs)Andy Lau Top 30 Songs:- The days that have passed together (movie "Supreme Nothing II's Yongba Tianxia" song) - Album Version- Forget the water- Ice rain- Exercise- God willing- Thank you for your love- Come to Life - Album Version- If is my legend (country) - Album Version- Enlightenment - Movie Propaganda- Get used to it - movie theme song- Stupid child- I don't love you enough- Men crying is not a crime- Infernal Affairs - Guangdong- say it again. I love you- You are my woman- When I meet you - Guangdong- Old Man - Country- Acacia- Love is like a tide- The way home- Thank you for your love (country) - Album Version- Love you a million years- 17 years old- Wake up every time- A deep love sentence - Guangdong- World No. 1- The voice of the prodigal son- Lone Star Tears - Country- Gong Xi Fa Cai - CountryDisclaimer:This app is made for entertainment and educational purposes, also has ads that comply with Goggle Play policies.All rights, trademarks and owned by their respective owners / managers. Support music artists by purchasing original songs, CDs and genuine merchandise.Content provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and available in the public domain. We do not upload videos to YouTube and do not display modified content.This app only customizes the videos in a more user-friendly way.Please use the following links to report content that may infringe on copyright: the Andy Lau app now, do not forget to give rate & review also for further update, thanks
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