Dances and emotes is an application designed for all lovers of the fashion game Battle Royale. All the new emotes of season 4 and season 5 available to dance them. Get on the funniest bus and dance all the emotes yourself! Nobody like you will be able to perform the skins dances.When you finish an enemy you can make fun of him by performing a fun dance on his camera.CHALLENGE MODEAre you able to dance the dance challenge yourself? Can you imitate the most famous dances such as Fresh or Floss? Many youtubers already do it, it is the new viral challenge in which you have to dance all the dances of battle royale in the shortest possible time.EXAMPLE DANCESOrange JusticeFlossRobotWiggleConfused- Disco Fever- Electro shuffle- The worm- Chicken- Star Power- Many more...!
Operating System Android