All Battle Royale EmotesBattle Royale is a game that is very fashionable today. One of its main characteristics are the Dances, since at the time of killing an enemy you can always make fun of him dancing in front of his camera.In this application we have had the wonderful idea of joining all Battle Royale emotes to discover each of them. These dances are accompanied by high quality videos where you will be able to see all the steps of that dance with Skins different from Battle Royale .Do you think you know what all the Battle Royale emotes are and you do not have any in your box office? Well if you're not sure of the answer, look at this App where you can see all and each of the dances, be they epic, rare, uncommon and common.What kind of emotes will I find in this App?Epic EmotesBOOGIE DOWNBREAKDOWNBREAKIN'DANCE THERAPYDISCO FEVERELECTRO SHUFFLEFREESTYLIN'FRESHGROOVE JAMHULAINTENSITYLLAMA BELLPOP LOCKREANIMATEDROCK OUTROCKET RODEOSHAKE IT UPSQUAT KICKSTAR POWERTHE ROBOTTRUE HEARTRare EmotesBALLERBEST MATESBONELESSCALCULATEDCAPOEIRACHICKENCONFUSEDDABEAGLEFANCY FEETFLAPPERFLIPPIN' INCREDIBLEFLIPPIN' SEXYFLOSSHAND SIGNALSHOOTENANNYHYPEINFINITE DABKICK UPSKISS KISSLAUGH IT UPLIVING LARGEMAKE IT RAINON THE HOOKORANGE JUSTICEPOPCORNPRAISE THE TOMATOPUMPERNICKELPURE SALTRAMBUNCTIOUSRAWRRIDE THE PONYROCKET SPINNERSTEP IT UPSWIPE ITTAKE THE LTHE WORMTIDYTWISTWIGGLEWORK IT OUTYOU'RE AWESOMEZANYUncommon EmotesBREAKING POINTBRING ITBRUSH YOUR SHOULDERSCLICK!DIPFACE PALMFINGER GUNSFINGER WAGGENTLEMAN'S DABGO! GO! GO!GUN SHOWHOT STUFFJOB WELL DONEJUBILATIONRED CARDRESPECTROCK, PAPER, SCISSORSSALUTESLOW CLAPSNAPSPARKLERTAKE 14THUMBS DOWNTHUMBS UPTRUE LOVEWATERWORKSWAVECommon EmotesDANCE MOVES (1)DANCE MOVES (2)Each week, as the developers of Battle Royale, add new emotes, we will inform you through push notifications so you can be aware and can enter the object store and acquire it before anyone else and in this way be the envy of all your squadmatesOur application has been developed in the following languages:ENGLISHSPANISH (ESP)SPANISH (LAT)ITALIANFRENCHPORTUGUESE (BRA)In this way you can know the names of the dances in all languages.You know, if you like Battle Royale and you play it every day, this application can not be missing on your device, so you can find out before anyone else the news of the new emotes and dances.What are you waiting for to download the App?
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