Free Full Movie Downloader-Search Torrent & Magnet

Movie Downloader is special utility that let the user download all free movies from torrent and magnet search engines. All of the movies are free and in high resolution, with 720P and 1080P.This app is working as a browser, it will let the user search any movie he/she want, a list of movies will be displayed, finally user have to tap the search engine where he want to download.As this app is search engine for torrent movies and magnet movies, User will need to have torrent or magnet installed on his her device.Feature of The apple1. User have to search his/her desired Movies2. The free full movie downloader will give the Results in a list3. User have to Tap on the required search engine torrent/magnet to download form4. Movie will be downloaded5. It have a folder where user can see all movies downloaded, user can play and watch movies there6. App is free of cost, enjoyDisclaimer: This app content is not owned by us, or we don't claim it, it's the copyright of the respective users, we are only providing a way where user can easily search movie and download it.
Operating System Android