Bible Stories for Children

This children's Bible app offers you a great content to live the biblical lessons for children and biblical children's teachings. Because God our Lord is with all of us and it is important that our children know, child Bible is your application.With the Bible for children you will have stories of Jesus illustrated with stories from the Old Testament and New Testament illustrated, stories from the Bible, Christian nursery rhymes, prayers and praises to God, the experiences of Jesus and his disciples, etc. All the videos are adapted to the little ones, so they can learn and enjoy the teachings of Jesus and follow in his footsteps.You can share any video or the complete application through social networks. The application records your watched videos and marks you those that have been updated since your last access, in this way you will be able to know which ones you still have to see. We have also included content in several languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish, in this way you can find videos in these three languages, do not waste any more time and download this new application of Bible for children on your smartphone or tablet with android operating system. the youngest of the house will thank you.Get your free children's Bible app, with the stories of Jesus in video and audio. The children will spend entertaining hours watching the biblical teachings of Jesus and they will learn to pray to God. The stories and songs about God and his son Jesus will help them to learn in a fun way the Christian teachings of the Bible.
Operating System Android