Event Organizer - Mobile Application

This event management app enables users to contact with event organizers easily. Any type of events like an exhibition, live concerts, wedding and party etc that users have they can get organized with the help of this event organizer app. This app enables users to plan their event according to their requirement.This event management mobile application is the effective medium between the user and the organizer. Users can do a live chat with the organizer and plan their event. One can also get a notification about his/her event planning after getting this event organizer mobile application. It is the best way to connect with event management companies. Users can also specify their preference and upload it to this app. If there is any problem occurs regarding the planning of event users get a notification of the problem and get resolve it. Users also get a preview of their event and make their customize suggestions. This event organizer application highlights organizers performance and their planned events with images and videos.
Operating System Android