Learn to Draw , Glitter & Color: Draw Step by Step

Create fantastic paintings and add artistic feelings by using your fingers.As you move your finger,realistic glitter appears in a shiny way.This is a brain-training game that everyone from children to grown-ups will be able to enjoy.Imagination is the key as you enter a magical storybook and full of mystery and wonder, unusual creatures and enigmatic puzzles!Create your own creatures and then color it with glitters.Challenge yourself to unlock every secret,collect every drawing and share your creativity with the world!Unleash your creativity as you draw a unicorn,mandalas,animals etc that you like from your own unique perspective.Make every idea a reality by saving unlimited drawings in your Sketchbook with glitter coloring and sharing them with friends.As you explore each colorful environment,choose from an assortment of drawing glitters and tools to help you successfully overcome every obstacle along the way.How To Play:- First of all draw anything what you want with the help of numbers.- After making sketch,paint pictures with glitters in a shiny way.Features:- Innovative gameplay that is funny,entertaining and addictive.- Simple to play but hard to master.- Innovative endless game.- Great time killer,relieve your pressure and anxious to helps forgetting your sadness.- Practice drawing skill,increase your creativity of art.- Cultivate recognition,cultivate children's recognition of colors and numbers.Explore the secret garden created in beautifully detailed illustrations and bring them to life using these glitter colors with your imagination.Coloring pages and mandalas are proved to help adults release the stress and feel better.It might also have an impact on your family growth and preventing brain deterioration.Discover the power of your mind and paint with glitters.Remember that a game is for having fun,so take it easy and enjoy it!You can improve your focus skills while playing this game.Coloring is proved to be stress relieving for adults.Open our glitter coloring book,let art into your life and be anxiety free.Have fun in this relaxing painting experience,refill the energy and let anxiety fade away through this glitter coloring.
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