Animals Poly Art:Color by Number, Sticker Coloring

Experience the new type of animals color by number.Introducing polyart low poly coloring art book helps kids & adults to relax and feel better.Poly Art is a brain training puzzle game that allows you to arrange a collection of polygonal puzzle pieces and create fantastic images.Start polygonal drawing animals color by number.Poly Coloring Book promotes relaxation, attention, concentration and better management of stress.Pick your color and start painting with best fitting lopoly pieces.How to play:-Drag polygon pieces and place them in the correct area.-Identify the target area either by number or shape.-Play like a jigsaw puzzle.Features:- Beautiful animals coloring book with low poly art.- FUN to solve jigsaw puzzles.- ENJOY creating anti-stress low-poly art.- Mind-blowing gameplay design.- FREE to play with hundreds of animals pictures.- Rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring.- Addicting low poly coloring book on Android.- SHARE your artbook with friends on Facebook, Instagram etc.Create your own mosaic masterpiece made out of tiny triangles!Images turned into techy geometric artworks.If you are looking for a relaxing and fun way for your creativity to flow, you have found it.Simple geometric shapes placed side-by-side or by numbers.Let go of your worries,ease your mind and get into artistic mood with Animals Poly Art Color By Number.
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