Welcome to the Ghost-o-Matic app, created by the Society for the Pursuit of the Reputedly Undead, Namely Ghosts, also known as SPRUNG, for use with the Ghostkeeper's Journal and Field Guide. If you have not yet acquired your Ghostkeeper's Journal, kindly follow this link: to purchase the book. You will need the book to trigger the functions of the Ghost-o-Matic app.This app uses groundbreaking augmented reality to reveal hidden messages, missing pages, metaphysical phenomena, mysterious puzzles and even ghosts in and around the pages of the book.We need your help. A SPRUNG operative has gone missing. All that remains of him is his Ghostkeeper's Journal - you'll need the Ghost-o-Matic app to break the secrets hidden inside. Our operative's name is Agamemnon White - child prodigy, ecto-genius, and tuna sandwich obsessive. He is also head of Ghostkeeping for the Western region, and was collecting the most powerful ecto-energy types known to man in his Journal. Download the Ghost-o-Matic app, synchronise it with your copy of the Ghostkeeper's Journal, join SPRUNG, and use the book and app together to retrace Ag's trail and help us rescue him. But beware... the moment you open the book, you will release the ghosts Ag trapped inside. It will be up to you to recapture them with the Ghost-o-Matic app and solve the mystery of his disappearance... without disappearing yourself!This immersive storyworld of the Ghostkeeper's Journal, told through the book and the app, represents a brand new kind of interactive fiction for older kids and young adults, reinventing the book for the screen generation and using AR technology in a wholly new way. The app delivers more than fifty animation sequences, digital puzzles and personalised achievements as part of an over-arching story about this mysterious Ghostkeeping society and its dark secrets. Join SPRUNG through this app and experience the next generation of storytelling today.To begin, launch the app and point your device's camera at your Journal to begin your hunt. In-app messages will guide you through the process of joining SPRUNG and catching your first ghost.NOTE: Once downloaded, the Ghost-O-Matic app does not require WiFi. No data is sent from the app - any information entered into the app is only saved on the user's own device.This free app is available to anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet (Android devices with both forward- and backward-facing cameras and a gyroscope using Android 4.0.3 and above, and ARMv7 NEON processors. INTEL ATOM based devices are not supported).
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None