Lost Memories: Romance You Choose

*You can play this game until the end for free!*Make different choices to see new scenes and learn more about your companions.*This is an interactive romance visual novel featuring an unexpected adventure in a strange new world.*Follow the story of a young man who wakes up in a fantasy world and is declared the hero who will stop the cruel Dark Lord.< Synopsis >You've always dreamed of escaping your unhappy life, but you didn't think it was possible. After getting caught in a traffic accident, however, you regain consciousness in an unfamiliar world.It's a world of magic and monsters, where a once-peaceful kingdom now suffers under the oppressive reign of a man who calls himself the Dark Lord.When this world's people see you, they rejoice, for you match the description of the prophesied hero who will save them.Fortunately, you aren't alone. Three young women from your world have also woken up in this strange place. Together, you set out on a journey to stop the Dark Lord and find a way back home.But to do so, you'll need to face your greatest fears...< Characters >*[Gentle Angel] DianaShy and quiet, Diana is a gentle soul who dreams of helping other people. With her newfound healing powers in this world, she can fulfill her goal! Yet she suffers from deep trauma that haunts her every step.*[Fiery Witch] RinRin is bright and optimistic, but when she gets angry, she's a force to be reckoned with. She appears to be a witch, but does she ever use magic? Somehow, she's already been accused of a crime in this world.*[Independent Fighter] TracyIn your world, Tracy was dating your arch-nemesis, but not in this world. Now that she's free, she's determined that no one will control her ever again... but freedom isn't always so easy to come by.As you make choices throughout the story, you'll get to know these three young women and understand the pain they've suffered. It's no coincidence that the four of you are in this new world, and learning what ties you together is key to finding your way home. Will you overcome your greatest fears... and perhaps fall in love along the way?
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