Working at a Publicity Firm, you get lots of requests everyday, but this is new! You must enter a fake marriage with some handsome, celebrity clients!SynopsisYou work at a Publicity Firm that works with many high-profile, celebrity clients. As the president's secretary, you have worked on numerous successful projects. A new and mysterious request comes in, asking for you to pretend to be the wife of a handsome celebrity!The genius president of an IT company, Quentin... the extremely talented and famous author, Roland... the legendary actor, Taylor... You hear out all of their stories and want to help them all, but this is just the beginning of all your troubles.What could they be worried about? What are they hiding?Characters[The Sadistic, IT Company President] QuentinQuentin is the president of a startup IT company and has a bit of a sadistic nature. He was referred to as the genius who would revolutionize the IT world. He is looking to fake a marriage so that he can drive away the women that flock to him for money and fame. He slowly becomes attracted to you for your drive and hard-working attitude.[The Cool and Collected, Popular Author] RolandRoland is a very collected and calm author. He is a man who expresses his emotions quietly. He is looking to fake a marriage for his mother. She is about to pass away, so he hopes that he can give her a sense of assurance before she passes. It takes time for Roland to become close to others, but, for those that do, he shows a heart-warming smile.[The Gentlemanly, Legendary TV Actor] TaylorTaylor is a legendary TV actor who is known for his amazing performances and gentle nature. At the peak of his popularity two years ago, he suddenly retired. Many hope that he will return to acting. He is looking to fake a marriage so that he can drive away a stalker who has been threatening him for some time.
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