My Ambitious Girlfriend: Romance You Choose

"My Ambitious Girlfriend: Romance You Choose"You can enjoy this game until the end for free!You are the protagonist of your story! Enjoy romantic situations with three beautiful girls!SynopsisThe lucky recipient of a scholarship to one of the most distinguished and high-class schools, you have the opportunity to study with celebrity students. But what they can't know about is your poor family, and the struggles you've been through.Your secret is safe for now, but you're in the public eye, as you get involved in the hectic and intense school election process. Who deserves to win? As dark secrets and insecurities come to the forefront, you realize that things are never what they seem...And as you get more and more involved with school politics, you find that your personal relationships are getting complicated. Whom will you choose? The girl who's seen you as a child, and isn't afraid to use her charm to get her way? Or perhaps the one who leads with compassion and diligence, inspiring everyone around her? Or maybe you're best suited to the girl who challenges you every step of the way with her perfection.CharactersErica"I can do anything to get what I want. You'd dare not stand in the way."You've known her for years, and she has never failed to intrigue you. She's ambitious, manipulative, and you definitely don't want to be in her bad books. She wants to be student president, but sometimes circumstances can change your whole world...Liz"Loyalty and commitment are the most important traits. That's all I want from you."She's one of those few people who is both respected and loved. She's a natural leader, whose honesty and loyalty make her adored by one and all. But underneath that strong exterior, lies a great deal of vulnerability...Ashley"Perfection is my middle name. It better be yours too."There's nothing she can do wrong. Beauty, talent, and intelligence - she's the whole package. But when things don't go her way, will she get past it and move forward, or will she dwell on it forever?
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