Mexican Train Dominoes Score Keeper

Dominoes Score Keeper takes all of the work out of keeping score for Mexican Train Dominoes. Simply add player names, start playing, enter scores after each domino game. Score Keeper keeps each players score for every game, totals for every player, who has low score, and how many times each player went out. Whenever anyone wants to see status, it is at your fingertips.The interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Most players would rather not be score keeper when it is done with pencil and paper. With Score Keeper anyone can be a great score keeper with next to no effort.A score sheet is maintained that is similar to most paper score sheets. It shows each game listed by the domino played, score for each player for that game, and totals after that game is added to the existing totals.There are at least two versions of Mexican Train Dominoes.. a 12 domino set and a 15 domino set. Score Keeper supports both versions via setup options.There are various rules relative to when a player goes out and another player has a single domino that is the double blank. Some rules give that player zero points while other rules may charge points for the double blank. Either set of rules can be accommodated via setup options.If a player shows up late and the game has already started, you can add them in with a score equal to the average of scores for existing players. All you have to do is enter the name and save..Player names can be entered before each game or added to a player list and selected from a list prior to play.The about link has a complete description of all of the features of the Score Keeper. Check this link any time you have a question about the features/options..
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