With this application of the sinking of the Titanic you will have documentaries where they will explain step by step how this tragedy occurred. It will have the testimonies of the survivors of the catastrophe. You will know the stories of the lifeboats. You will see the wreck at the bottom of the sea with its current appearance. The stories of sunken ships always call the attention of the spectator and this is the most famous worldwideThis application of the Titanic contains* The history of the most famous ships* The sinking of this trsatlantic gras* Documentaries that will explain step by step the tragedy* Those who tell of lifeboats* The current one of the wreck* The stories of the survivors of the first-person catastropheThis application allows you to share the videos that you contain as well as the complete app in the main social networks or your instant messaging app. also mark the vidfeos you've seen so you do not repeat any.
Operating System Android