CXII EMF Pro Spirit Box

The CXII EMF Spirit Box / Ghost Box for mobile makes use of mobile deviceshigh-end technology for interaction and manipulations between your phones magnetic sensorCXII EMF Ghost Box is a professional tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses a unique designed system by using your phonesMagnetic Sensors which is highly sensitive which theories suggest giving some entities the energy they need to interact and communicate.When the magnetic sensors is triggered the lights in the app will start to light up based on the amount of electromagnetic energyis pulled and triggered within the sensors, so Higher EMF readings / manipulation should turn on more lightsPlease remember, we cannot guarantee that you get any resultsWe do not have any control over the spirit realm, and that spirit or entities do not communicate on cue. Be patient when using the CXII, but we give you a tool to access it.How does it work?Our fed is in real-time through your mobiles magnetic sensors for a spirit or entity to manipulate with.The app is made in a way so Electronic equipments etc, can basicly trigger the device into take in readings, but in order to make the lightsturn on, it requires sudden changes in the electromagnetic environment to start spiking and light up, we made it that way to avoid to many readings withinnormal electronic equipment.We also made it so that the CXII will start alarming when readings are spiking, you can mute that sound if you want.We Highly recommend avoiding to much electronic equipments and such nearby when running the app, to avoid interference as much as possible.We would love to recieve result to our support E-mail if you want to share.
Price USD2.99
License Purchase
Version 1
Operating System Android