Let's helps groups plan events efficiently. Friends, family, and professionals -- ultimately, you make a decision on a time and place. Using group texts to make decisions allows everyone to chime in but can be inefficient. On the other hand, making a calendar event is efficient but eliminates discussion. Let's combines the flexibility of group texts with the efficiency of calendar events. With Let's, a host suggests a time and place, and then group members can offer new suggestions and vote. The host makes an informed decision. Everyone reaches a decision faster and with less notifications. Feature: Time and Place SuggestionsThe host can enable suggestions for time and place. Everyone can make suggestions. If you know where you want to go, disable place suggestions and only focus discussion on time. Feature: VotingInstead of sending texts "Yes", "That works for me" or "No", "Sorry I can't make that", just vote. Get to the point and with less mess and less notifications. Feature: ChatFor everything else, there is a chat. Whose car are you taking? Running late? Have a picture to share? Use the chat. Feature: People SuggestionsLeave people suggestions on and guests can invite other people. Turn it off if you want to keep it quiet. Feature: Calendar Integration When an event is confirmed, it is exported to your calendar, so you can track it and get a reminder. Situation: Quick EventIf you want to get started quickly and are open to ideas, make an event with only a title "Dinner this weekend". Leave time and place suggestions on and then anyone can throw out ideas -- just like in real life. Many fun features to come. Submit a request! We are excited to hear your ideas. Email me: colin@yeahlets.com.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None