Capsule Corp Gravity Chamber

WORKING OUT ALONE, ISOLATED... like the Prince;Pure. Unadulterated. BADBOY!!!CAPSULE CORP Gravity Chamber Trainer is the ONLY APP that lets you relive the very moment when The Saiyan Prince was training under 450x gravity to achieve his one desire... to be better than Kakarot. == The Intensity of this simulator is REALLY effective when ==1. Training alone in a quiet low lit room with red lighting2. When you have an emotional rage/anger inside of you like the prince.3. Weight training ex: situps, pushups, curling etcFEATURESExact Replica of the Gravity Chamber from the anime- User Interface- Computer voice just like in the gravity chamber- Sound FXModes1. Manual Mode(default) = manually increase the gravity by pressing UP or DOWN arrow2. Auto Mode = computer will automatically adjust gravity for you so you can focus more on your workout without having to touch the screen. Adjustable under settings.Multi Gravity Level Event Triggers- Passing 450G will activate Super Saiyan status icon + Super Saiyan SFX- Passing 700G Super Saiyan blue (next update)- Passing 900G Super Saiyan Kaioken (after Super Saiyan Blue update)- Undisclosed Gravity Level - Ultra Instinct (after Kaioken update)Upcoming Features1. Custom mp3 songs to play when hitting specific gravity levels (I would suggest using god theme mp3 from dbs)2. Animated glowing hair icons3. Improvements in overall UI and app functionalitiesFollow us on facebook send feedback to
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None