If you were looking for a new application to enjoy the best-known stories of the Bible, the old testament and the new testament, do not keep looking, because here you have this new application with great news in its new version, to get a better interaction and enjoy a Easy and simple way of the great collection of biblical stories, today's Gospel, Gospel of the day and Christian messages. With this objective, the Children's Bible has been created, in order to bring the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and God of the creation of earth and heaven closer to the little ones of the home, in this new application we have included many animated stories of all the passages of The Bible, old testament, new testament, and other biblical passages that are so important to us believers and practitioners of the Christian Religion who understand the Word of God.Since we believe very important the belief in the Catholic religion for all this we have dedicated this application only and exclusively for the smallest of the home to have a wide variety of stories told so they understand and understand them in an easy and simple way What the Bible means with our Catholic religion, its values, its beliefs, the word of God, its admiration and devotion for our God, hoping to build a better world for all people regardless of the religion they practice.Another advantage that we have added to this new edition of bible for children is that the application shows you the stories and videos that you have already seen in this way it will be easier for you to use and you will be able to enjoy a faster and more efficient way of Bible Children, because the goal of our team is to make applications that are easy to use and when you want to change animated history or video is not a complexity and that the smallest of the house can enjoy them easily and simply, we hope that we have achieved this with this new version, for this we have also incorporated the option to vote and with this score to improve our applications, there is also the option to contact our team and comment any suggestions and changes to make a better application and improve it so that its use is as effective as possible.The Infant Bible Application, has the following characteristics:The content is updated periodically, you will always have new stories, today's Gospel, the Gospel of the day.It is translated into several languages with stories and videos with content in Spanish, English and Portuguese.It marks you the videos already seen, in this way you save time in enjoying its content.You can share the videos of your content through the social networks of the moment.The application is free, and very easy to install.You can give us feedback of the application, to study different proposals for improvement.The bible content for children is composed of:Cain and Abel.The Virgin MaryOld TestamentNew TestamentToday's GospelThe life of JesusThe history of San Jose.Jesus loves you.Prayer to Jesus.Gospel of the dayThe baptism of Jesus.Bible for children.The miracles of Jesus.The story of Moses.Babel's tower.Finally, we hope that this application of the Bible will be to your liking and will bring you a little closer to the Old Testament and New Testament, the Word of God our God and the Virgin Mary, and enjoy it as much as we develop it.
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