Laser 100 Beams simulator is a super fun prank game. It simulates a Laser 100 Beams Prank on your mobile device. Prank your friends and family making them believe you have mega powerful laser pointer which can simulate cracking the screen of your phone or tablet after storing energy for 20 seconds. In order to culminate the joke electric lightning shocks are simulated on your screen after this has been cracked. Every time the user taps on the screen, several electric shocks are born from the place you touched.This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true Laser.100 Laser Beams Funny Joke - this is a game simulation of a joke application where you can play on your phone like a laser. Love the beautiful laser? You small one beam and you want more of them? For realism used camera!Laser 100 Beams is a simulated app which simulates wonderful laser beam shooting with multi colors.Laser 100 Beams Discover each laser simulator, their different sound effects, colorful laser lights and their design pattern. One available laser is waiting for you as you run the app for the first time. Other laser pointers and the strobe light item are looking forward to be accessible. In order to do so, the user needs to collect delta silver coins in the distinct manners provided for it.Tap on the button in the laser pointer and a laser beam will shoot out! You can even select an image from the gallery to change the Laser Simulator background. Shoot laser beams over a transparent phone screen, tap on the camera icon to toggle.Features:- Laser Simulator.- Laser pointer available in different colors (yellow, green, blue, red,).- Realistic sound and vibration effects, with the possibility to disable both.- Awesome Flashlight application.- Five different kind of laser to play.With this laser simulator you can play and make sure that someone does not do any harm! Fun to pretend that you have a real laser!The simulated laser pointer is just a game, it's not a real laser pointer, no laser light beam from your device will only create a simulation on the screen of your phone or tablet.Attention: This app is not producing real laser beams; it's only a simulator of laser colorful laser lights. It's safe for your health completely.We hope you enjoy this Laser 100 Beams and its accompanying games.Thank You...
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