PixLoop Camera (Beta)

Regardless if you plan on hiring a professional photographer, keep in mind that there are many candid moments captured in photos taken by your friends and family - moments that are just as valuable.Get all the candid shots from your guests' perspective. Don't let these precious moments be lost forever! Once an event is over, so are the precious moments and memories.Candid photos are the best! PixLoop is a simple to use camera app that adds real-time slideshow to your event.Use it at the weddings, birthday parties, reunions, or any get-together - no more need for those pesky one time use only cameras at every table. Tell your guests to use PixLoop app instead. Your event's photo album is filled as the event goes on. Even if you hired a professional, Pixloop is a source of lots of fun while you wait to hear back from your photographer.
Operating System Android