Christmas Gift Calendar

A CHRISTMAS CALENDAR that is worthy of download!An adorable Christmas Calendar with beautiful hand-drawn graphics.Open the calendar decorations every day to collect special gifts, such as originally recorded Christmas songs with a music player, cool Christmas stickers beautiful hand-drawn Christmas wallpapers and original characters from our amazing game The Christmas Journey!Download and use it for FREE!Thanks for all support before Christmas!Come back every day and collect your well-deserved daily gifts from the Christmas Calendar.AMAZING HAND-DRAWN GRAPHICSWe love original, good-looking games and applications, and are great fans of detail. We spend much time and put huge effort into the design of every little visual element in our games. We often combine analogue and digital techniques in our works, as we see in this a chance to create something very new and unique.EXCELLENT SOUND EXPERIENCEDon't forget to deactivate silent mode on your devices! What goes for visuals also goes for sound design. In this case we took classic Christmas songs and turned them into something extremely fun! All music and sound effects are original and are mixed and recorded in our quality studio environment. But hear it for yourself! We recommend headphones for the full sound experience.**********************************************************************************************************VISIT US:
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