Eventshub is a free mobile platform for events Information. Eventshub provides information on what event is taking place, where the event will take place, when the event will take place and what is the event categorization.Eventshub allows users get direction to events, and they can also add these events directly to their calenders, while they can equally share events details with others via multiple channels.Users of Eventshub are able to choose which category of events they are interested in and in what location they are interested. These information will be provided for them via the app based on their preferences.Eventshub allows advertisers to target specfic audience based on their location and interest.The advertisers need to upload their events via the web platform hosted at www.eventshub.biz, where they can choose the location and catergory they intend to target, include all the relevant information on the event and add an event image. The event advert will be displayed to Eventshub users based on their preselected location and catergories of interest. Users however, can explore all events on Eventshub using the explore option. The explore options allows users to view all events using the linear option or the grid option. Eventshub equally gives the users the option to search for events using the detail search feature, which allow users to search for events based on location and catergory.Eventshub is easy to use and guranteed to get you events within your area of interest.
Operating System Android