Endless RPG: Dungeon Generator

Endless RPG is a random dungeon and adventure generator for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder roleplaying games.ENDLESS RPG IS NOT A GAME!Endless RPG is a tool for playing pen-and-paper role-playing games alone, in a small group without a dungeon master, or with a dungeon master as either a standalone adventure or an easy way to get into the game. The app allows you to create adventurers, choose from randomly generated missions and explore a dungeon with fog-of-war and informational screens that tell you what monsters, traps or treasures you have come across.MULTIPLE DUNGEON TYPES AND MULTI-LEVELSThe missions created by Endless RPG can encompass different types of 'dungeons' including caves, ruins, strongholds or the classic dungeon. The missions can also be on a single level or multiple levels mixing and matching the dungeon types, so you can explore a cave that leads to ruins or a stronghold with a dungeon below it.DM TOOLSWhile Endless RPG is aimed at players who want to play D&D or Pathfinder alone or without a dungeon master, two tools make the app perfect for game masters who want a one-off or who want a full campaign where they focus on story and generate content. Custom Dungeons allow you to pick the CR level, environment (dungeon, cave, etc.) and enemy (orcs, undead, demons, etc.) and can generate a single level or multiple level dungeon.The DM Mode reveals the map and allows you to peek into encounters, treasure, traps, etc. to better plan out the adventure.EXPORT TO VIRTUAL TABLETOPS (ROLL20, ETC) OR FOR OFFLINE USEThe DM Mode allows you to email the map of the dungeon level, which can help when trying to use the dungeon in Roll20 or other virtual tabletops or simply playing offline. You can email a legend with the map that will show all encounters, treasures, etc. You can also view the map full screen in order to take a screenshot.QUICK BATTLE AND BATTLE MAPS FOR COMBATThe app aids in keeping track of hit points with characters on the screen while exploring. When encountering creatures, the player has a choice of simply clearing the encounter (the monsters will be considered defeated), utilizing a Quick Combat mode, which is perfect on smartphones or for quick battles with 1 or 2 creatures, or a full Battle Map, which allows a more tactical way of resolving combat.SUPPORTS 8 CHARACTERS WITH D&D 5TH EDITION AND PATHFINDERThe two most popular fantasy roleplaying systems are supported from levels 1-20. Players can run through the dungeon as a single character or a party of up to eight characters. A "character" can also include guard dogs, guard bears, or other non-standard creatures. EXPERIENCE AND LOOT TABLESThe app will keep track of the monsters you have killed, including the over experience points and experience points by character. It will also track the treasure (magic items, coins, etc.) you have looted on your adventure.HANDCRAFTED AND STITCHED TOGETHERThe app utilizes a method of stitching together pre-fabricated areas to give the look of a handcrafted area with the randomness of a generated dungeon. Monsters, treasure and traps are also randomly placed to keep adventurers on their toes.PLAY SOLO OR IN A GROUP WITHOUT A DMThe idea behind the app is to give players the ability to play pen-and-paper roleplaying games without a dedicated dungeon master. For small groups, rotating who DMs the combat is a good way to share the burden. For DMs, the game can make a good one-off between or during campaigns.CREDITS:Art by Raymond E. Gaustadnes (tiles, monsters and pcs) and Pioneer Valley Games (misc graphics)Special Thanks to: Brian Childress, Chris Tollefsen, Dafrca, Dan Lee, Jaime Rivera, Jens Krayborre, John Burke, John J. Matta, Luca Basset, Morgan Collins, Stormraider and Victor Gyllenberg
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Version 1.04
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.