Sky Watch - Watch your Sky

Astronomical and Astrological Calculator App including various Time and Calendar System computations. Real-Time calculation and numeric position display of celestial bodies like Sun, Moon, Planets and some visible Stars, Galaxies and Constellations.The Application offers the following main features:- Time display using different time keeping systems (Greenwich Mean Time, Legal Local Time, Real Local Time, Roman Temporal Time, Equation of Time, Day after Northward Equinox, Sidereal time, Julian Date and Unix Time).- Date display using different calendar systems (Gregorian, Buddhist, Coptic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, Islamic, Julian and Maya).- Orbital position display of solar system bodies using different celestial coordinate systems (horizontal, equatorial, ecliptic and heliocentric).- Horizontal and equatorial position display of important astronomical objects (Stars, Galaxies and Constellations).- Horoscopic Astrology information display (Zodiac Sign, Ascendant/Descendant and Placidus House System).Includes informative screens with explanations regarding related topics.Accurate results from 1850 A.D. - 2150 A.D. (error below 10 Arcsec in accurate calculation mode).Attention: Pure numeric display - no graphics, no animations, no frills!KEYWORDSENClock, Watch, CalendarNumeric Ephemeris CalculatorPlanet PositionAstronomical AlmanacMoon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, PlutoAstronomer, AstrologerAstrolabeThai BuddhistCoptic AlexandrianJewish HebrewIslamic HijriJulian RomanMaya Mesoamerican, Tzolk'in, Haab'Rise Transit Set TimesZodiac SignsPlacidus House SystemAscendant, DescendantCivil, Nautical, Astronomic TwilightDEUhr, KalenderNumerischer Ephemeriden RechnerPlaneten Positionen RechnerAstronomischer AlmanachMond, Sonne, Merkur, NeptunAstronom, AstrologeAstrolabiumBuddhistischerKoptischerJudischer HebraischerIslamischerJulianischer RomischermesoamerikanischerAufgang Transit und Untergang ZeitenSternzeichenPlacidus Hauser SystemAszendent, DeszendentZivile, Nautische, DammerungITOrologio, CalendarioCalcolatore Numerico EffemeridiCalcolatore Posizioni PianetiAlmanacco AstronomicoLuna, Sole, Mercurio, Venere, Marte, Giove, Saturno, Urano, Nettuno, PlutoneAstronomo, AstrologoAstrolabioThai BuddisticoCopto AlessandrinoEbraico IsraelianoIslamico HijriGiuliano RomanoMaia MesoamericanoTempo Alba Transito TramontoSegni ZodiacaliSistema Case PlacidusAscendente, DiscendenteCivile, Nautico, CrepuscoloESRelojCalculadora Efemerides numericaCalculadora Posicion de PlanetasAlmanaque AstronomicoSol, Jupiter, Neptuno, PlutonAstronomo, AstrologoAstrolabiobudista tailandesCopta de AlejandriaJudia Hebreoislamico Hijriromano JulianoMesoamericaTiempos de Salida Transito PuestaSignos del ZodiacoSistema de PlacidoAscendente, DescendenteCivil, Nautico, Crepusculo
Price USD 4.91
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Version 1.1.14
Operating System Android
System Requirements None