FurReal Maker: Proto Max

Now you can create and code your ultimate pup! Get the most out of the furReal Makers Proto Max robotic pet by downloading the companion app. Using the app along with Proto Max allows you to have a fun coding experience!Programming: With the app, you can Customize your pup's responses to more than 10 different activation points. How will it react when you pet its nose? Maybe it's happy, maybe he sneezes! When you turn it upside down, does it bark, turn blue, or roll its eyes? (Maybe it does all three!) Will your pup have the personality of a small, medium, or big dog?Coding: Drag-and-drop play in the app makes it fun to code actions and routines using sound, color, eye animations, and motion! You could, for example, code a routine in which your pup turns in a circle, barks, and then shows sleepy eyes. Or you might code it to do all those things at once - the only limit is your imagination! App Tutorials walk you through the basics, while app challenges help build your skills.Remote control: After you've coded some cool routines using the app, you can direct your pup to perform them in real time. Use shortcuts to activate the routines, and choose emoticons to select his quick reactions. The readout also tells you if the pup's sensors are activated. Imagine this: you code your pup to walk toward your sister. When she pets the pup, the readout tells you -- then you make it respond with a great big BURP! LOL!Games: The app isn't just for customizing and coding your ultimate pup -- you can also to play a variety of interactive mini games! Feed your pet, play catch and memorization games, and even decorate a virtual doghouse. (Note: Pup may not agree with all your design choices).Achievements: The more you code and play within the app, the more you can unlock achievements, earn virtual badges, and reveal more awesome content (including sounds, motions, and eye animations) to further customize your pet.Tips:- Make sure your pup's powered on! Replace batteries if there's no power.- Follow app instructions for connecting pup to your device.- Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.- Make sure pup is within 10 feet of device and not connected to another device. If it is, disconnect.NOTE: The furReal Makers app specifically designed for use with Hasbro's furReal Makers Proto Max robotic pet. The furReal Makers Proto Max robotic pet is for children 6+.SUPPORTED DEVICES AND OPERATING SYSTEMS:[Compatibility]- The furReal Makers app supports these devices running Android [ 5+]:- Samsung Galaxy S6+- Samsung Galaxy Note 5+- HTC One M9+- LG G4 +- Motorola Droid Turbo 2+- Huawei Google Nexus 6P+- Google Nexus 9+
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None