Are you ready for some puppy fun? Download this Augmented Reality app, then choose your very own puppy, teach him tricks and don't forget to play with him!WITH INCREDIBLE DIGITAL EXPERIENCES- Every page has got cute puppy photos and amazing interactive experiences to activate in the app: you can choose your puppy's colour, name him, pet him, pick his accessories, train him to sit and stay, feed him some yummy food, take him for a walk, put him to bed, give him loads of cuddles, play fetch, and even sing along with him. Use the controls in the app to interact with your new friend. You can play with up to six different puppies!- Pose with your puppy for awesome photos.- Discover more amazing facts about puppy training, how to care for him, the treats he likes and how to make sure he is the happiest puppy ever!How it works:To see the AR sequences in action, look for one of the triggers.Launch the app and point your device's camera at the page to kick off the Augmented Reality action.This FREE app is available to anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet (Android devices with both forward- and backward-facing cameras using Android 4.0 and above, and ARMv7 NEON processors. INTEL ATOM based devices are not supported).
Operating System Android