Live Desktop TV Stream

Live Desktop TV Stream is another application to make you go 1 step closer to becoming Lazy on your Couch.The future of Wireless is here. Now enjoy your Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris systems on your Android Big TV. No need to search for any HDMI, Mini Display, Lightning to RGB cable.This application along with a FREE Client Software which runs on any Java enabled Operating System will make your daily usage of Laptops, Desktops, MacBook easy. No no need to burry your nose in the small screen Laptops. Enjoy same clarity on Big Screen at same Aspect Ratio.1: Always wanted to show your family all your photos? This application does it Easily. Because it totally shares whatever goes on your System. Oops we didn't consider hiding that Photo which you didn't want to show. :P2: Want to teach a class full of 50 students? This application is just the right one. Except if you play some song accidentally, and thought if kids liked the same song? Ooops Audio streaming is on its way in coming months. :P3: Want to code on a Big Screen sitting anywhere in your big Hall? This is it, we developed this application in some similar conditions.4: Does it track my cursor? Yes it does track your cursor position and accurately does what you do on your system.Much More: Video streaming, Live PPT streaming, Seminar friendly.Download NowDesktop Client available For supporting.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.6
Operating System Android
System Requirements None