Chip Leader - Poker Tracker

Do you host regular poker games with friends and family? Chip Leader is the only poker app that tracks multi-player stats for all your games. A simple to use interface during game play with blind timer and advancement, notifications, and player options. Setup custom blind strategies and payout schedules using both fixed and percentage payouts.Track wins, losses, buy-ins, length of play and more. Leaderboards let you see how all players match up on gross and net winnings, biggest loser, most buy-ins, fastest out and more. See how players stack up across seasons and all-time.Be social by sharing all the stats with everyone involved in the games. Share leaderboards, player/game/season/all-time, by using the apps you already have installed: SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.Let the trash talking begin!Features Sync players from contact book Guest player support Track in progress poker game: start/end times buy-ins and re-buys players location season Track games across seasons Custom blind schedule Blind Timer » audible alerts and notification controls Custom payout schedule » fixed and percentage pay Leaderboards » all-time, seasons, games, players Social » Share/Post leaderboard statsWay cool new features coming soon!Permissions Identity » Uses the "Me" profile on your device to determine who you are and your photo to use in Chip Leader. Contacts » Uses the Contact book to import players into Chip Leader. External Storage » Stores database backups and stat screenshots used for sharing.
Operating System Android