Blackdove Motion Art Gallery

Blackdove is a digital motion art gallery representing today's most compelling global artists all packaged in a mobile application. Imagine your television elevating in purpose to fill your environment with beautiful modern motion artwork. Simply download the app, connect to your internet connected television and begin experiencing the world's finest motion art. From within the app, you are able to preview the artwork with a simple tap of the screen, learn more about artists and discover the techniques the artists are using to build these fine works. Each month we rotate a supply of featured art as part of our free collection. When you are ready to unlock the entire library of content, currently over 400 works and growing daily, you can subscribe for a $5.00 monthly fee. Half of these net proceeds go to the artists so you can be assured that new content is always in development. We have worked hard to let the technology become invisible, allowing a seamless experience to display this content on smart and internet connected screens. Blackdove is about sharing a global experience. Artwork from a global roster of artists being displayed around the world. Join the movement. Welcome to Blackdove and thank you for the support.
Operating System Android