Have you ever dreamed to travel in time? Now you CAN. For the first time, a powerfull app allows you to post a prediction picture on your very own FACEBOOK page. MARTY is a true reputation maker, a way to increase your followers and fans. well, A REVOLUTION in digital magic. "I love it. One of the best pieces of App magic I've seen"Paul Romhany - VANISH International magic magazine"This is the best app I have seen in ages or probably ever. And I have three of my own lol"Lee Smith - Creator of Social Media Magic"Before I knew Marty, I had a lot of magic apps on my phone. Now, only one is enough. "Mickael Chatelain"A marvel, so strong. I bought very expensive apps that did not have a quarter of what Marty offers you. "Ali NouiraFirst app to receive 300 out of 300 on Wizard Product Review (WPR) Marty was the product highlight on the May 2017 edition of Vanish MagazineEffect: You ask your spectator to hold a card in his hand. He doesn't know it's value. You take a picture with you phone as a souvenir. The unknown card is back in the deck. Then you ask your spectator to freely choose or think of any value he wants. Let's say. "the 7 of diamonds. "Now. the best part. The reveal is in everyone's pocket. You ask your spectator to open Facebook and seek for your magician's page (or any Facebook account you own) There's a photo. Your prediction. The spectator is holding the 7 of diamonds. 3 MODESSOLO: Perform MARTY with your phone. DUO: Perform MARTY with the spectator's phone (or any other device) OFFLINE: MARTY sends the prediction on your own camera roll (If no internet connection is avaliable) Let's get this MARTY started. Marty can be used in any country and language. Tutorials available in FRENCH or ENGLISH. Complete tutorials with VIDEOS and step by steps TEXT pagesAccess granted to a secret FACEBOOK GROUP. 100% Invisible and accurate- NO suspicious or fake moves- Works with any deck, Bicycle faces, even borrowed. 52 cards can be freely chosen. No forces. Can be EXAMINED at anytime. Real photo, real FACEBOOK ACCOUNT- 1 year in the making, now let your imagination do the rest. The most powerfull technology ever put on a magic trick. An impromptu miracle hidden in your pocket. So easy you'll perform in 5 minutes. Requires no skills or memorization- Totally customisable. Oh and by the way. NO Bluetooth and NO Voice Recognition methods. IMPORTANT NOTICETV performance rights reserved for FranceTV performance rights are NOT included with purchase. MARTY is a SECRETSTUDIO production. All rights reserved. 2016-2017For any clearance, please contact us at production@secretstudio.fr. Proudly made with wine, cheese and a bit of technology in FRANCE. This app is intended for entertainment purposes and does not provide true mind reading functionality.
Operating System Android


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