EasyPro Tips Metal Contra Rambo

Welcome to Soldiers Gun - contra classic This is best game for fan of shot game. Return to child hood with clasic titles make you crazy onetime and more. In this classic rambo contra game you will in guide contra rambo soldier shooting man to combat like a rambo soldier to play on contra attacker overcome dangers and inconvenience to win all enemy have many skills. Your enemy are the mercenaries and alian are invade our world and they send many monsters contain tremend our power. EasyPro Tips Metal Contra Rambo will guide you to learn what weapons that you will use as pistols, knives, bombs be careful to use in each stage to win the boss. This is un-official app and it made from contra fan who love classic shooting game like when we have played in 1990 and who download this app gonna love this help you to guide game rambo soldier shooting.
Operating System Android