What if you could fly into the air, change into an animal, kiss the love of your life, or do anything in your wildest dreams? You can. With a Lucid Dream Kit. A lucid dream is a dream where you know you're dreaming. Many times, after this realization occurs, you can control various elements in your dream. By studying your dreams and dream meanings, you will discover so many things about yourself that you never knew. This kit includes everything you will ever need to Lucid Dream: 1. A list of Reality Checks. If you do these checks in real life, you'll eventually do one in a dream and realize you're dreaming. 2. A dream journal. If you record your dreams every night, you will improve your dream memory and have more vivid dreams. This journal records the date and time you entered your dream, then the dream you entered. You have the option to share your last dream or to share your dream journal, if you so choose. 3. Potential dream symbols. By recognizing what is a symbol in your dreams, you can understand yourself in a much deeper way. 4. Binaural Beats. Listen to these videos and you will be able to self-induce a lucid dream for yourself. 5. Dream meanings. I offer you a variety of dream dictionaries so you will receive the best dream interpretation for your life. All this, and yet so much more, because anything can happen in a lucid dream. Happy Lucid Dreaming, Everyone.
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