Babylon Poweramp skin

Babylon Poweramp skin A Babylon poweramp skin with a clean design. Very nice design and beautifull custom icons. Personalize your Music player with finest Art design and color. Babylon is a skin pack for Poweramp 2. x. This is not a separate application. Install Poweramp 2 first, then this theme. After installing the theme. You can click a button to go straight to applying the skin. Or you can go straight to Poweramp and it will be in your themes list. (Poweramp > Settings > Look and Feel > Theme.) Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or suggestions. tapanifirst@gmail.comMade in Germany - copyright all rights reserved Tapani first / tapanifirstPOWERAMP SKIN AND SKINS POWER AMP com. maxmpz.audioplayer. skincom. maxmpz.audioplayer. widget OR poweramp widget tapanifirstbabylon.
Operating System Android